b'21 36SplendidhedgesNot all hedges are evergreen. In spots where winter screening isnt vital, consider growing a hedge of fabulous floweringshrubs instead. When you use low maintenance varieties like the ones you see here, they are just as easy care as evergreens. You already adore the one hydrangea youve planted just outside your front door. Now imagine a hedge of ten!Or, how about a whole row of Oso Easy Double Red roses for a constant supply of fresh bouquets all summer?Durable deutzias offer no-nonsense beauty and frothy spring blooms. As you look around your landscape,which of your favorite flowering shrubs would make a great hedge?Planting Tip:When spacing plants for a hedge, err on the smaller end of the spacingrecommendation to form a solid hedge with no gaps between plants. For instance, if therecommended spacing is 3-5 feet, space the centers three feet apart for a hedge. Click here to learn more about selecting, planting and caring for flowering shrubs as splendid hedges.40'