b'S P R I N G S U M M E RPINPOINT Blue Chamaecyparis Pulmonaria Autumn Frost PINPOINT Blue Chamaecyparis BLACK CHERRY Petunia with Spot On, SHADOWLANDwith SUPERTUNIA ,Hosta HONEYBERRY Calibrachoa MOJAVE Red Portulaca Strawberry Drop Coleus, SUPERBELLS , Yellow Pansies and Creeping Phlox and COLORBLAZEF A L L W I N T E RPINPOINT Blue Chamaecyparis PINPOINT Blue Chamaecyparis with kale, mums, ornamental with greens, berries (dogwood)millet, small pumpkins and swiss chard and ARCTIC FIRE Red Cornusone ENTRANCE / four seasonsCelebrate all four seasons on your front porch using this engaging idea. We started by planting a single Pinpoint Blue falsecypress shrub in each of these 20" containers in spring, then surrounded them with flowers that flourish early in the season.To celebrate summers arrival, we swapped in annuals that could handle the reflected heat and light from the whitewashed brick. Classic cool season kale, purple millet and pumpkins completed the fall look followed by holiday greens, twigs and berries.Through it all, you can see the shrub didnt mind the seasonal changeouts at allin fact, it grew nearly nine inches! Click here to find more plant recommendations for multi-season container gardening.34'