b'VERSATILE BEAUTY All-around versatility is just one thing you will love about our Annual and Caladium of the Year. Whether you are planting up a few porch pots or filling an entire garden bed, these plants will grow beautifully for you. In coolerclimates with humid summers, both will enjoy six or more hours of sun each day. If you live someplace warmer,youll want to provide some protection from the hottest afternoon rays for Heart to Heart White Wondercaladium. Find inspiration in the recipes you see here or mix and match your favorites to make your own. In landscape at top:HEART TO HEART White Wonder Caladium Pink Picotee Gaura, White Gaura, Pink Gomphrena, STRATOSPHERESTRATOSPHERETRUFFULA , SUPERTUNIA MINI VISTA WHIRLWIND andPersian ShieldDIAMOND FROST Euphorbia,Pink Star Petunia,White ScaevolaStrobilanthes In containers at top and above in middle photo:ANGELFACE Cascade White Angelonia,White Wonder CaladiumHEART TO HEART , GRACEFUL GRASSESPRINCE TUT Cyperus,Euphorbia,Hot Pink Petunia Pink Star PetuniaDIAMOND FROSTSUPERTUNIA MINI VISTA and SUPERTUNIA MINI VISTAAbove at left:HEART TO HEART White Wonder Caladium Dichondrawith SILVER FALLSAbove at right:HEART TO HEART White Wonder CaladiumPink Star Petuniawith SUPERTUNIA MINI VISTA2'