b'Using just the beds surrounding their backyard patio, Manon and her family In the garden and containers: AMAZEL BASIL Sweet Italian Basil, LADY GODIVA Orangewere able to grow plenty of produce to use in this celebrations recipes. Calendula Yellow Calendula, LADY GODIVA , SUNCREDIBLEWhen you plant more petite varieties like Tempting Tomatoes Goodhearted Yellow Helianthus Lobularia, , MOONLIGHT KNIGHT FIREAWAY Hot and Heavy Pepper, OSO EASY DOUBLE RED Rosa, and Fire Away Hot and Heavy peppers, youll reap a generous, but not BERRIED TREASURE Strawberries,TEMPTING TOMATOESoverwhelming, harvest.GOODHEARTED Tomato, ROCKIN Golden DeliciousPineapple Sage and CATALINA GILDED GRAPE ToreniaIn cut flower arrangement, above: SHADOWLAND Autumn Frost Hosta leaves,Click here to find many of the mouthwatering recipes SHADOWLAND Coast to Coast Hosta blooms,used for this garden to table celebration. QUICK FIRE Hydrangea paniculata and variegated sedum8'