b'BREATHING SPACEStop for a moment and imagine the peace you would feel by spending an hour here. In this space, worriesare checked at the door and birds melodic songs float in on the fresh breeze. Its a little slice of heaven on earth!No grand architectural plans were needed to create this serene scene. Instead, the homeowner purchaseda standard gazebo kit from their local home improvement store and stained it brown to blend with thesurroundings. Kiln-dried redwood window boxes were perched atop strong supports attached along theroofline and planted up with a living curtain of vinca vines. A patterned outdoor rug providedthe finishing touch to visually ground the seating area.Since the sun blasts this area intensely each day, durable heat tolerant plants wereselected to fill the Vietnamese red clay pottery showcased at the gazebos entrance.Fiery reds and oranges glow in the bright light, providing splashycontrast against the dark backdrop. 30'