b'Above in containers:COLORBLAZE Chocolate Drop Coleus, COLORBLAZE GOLDEN DREAMS Coleus, Sweet Caroline RAVEN Ipomoea, Ipomoea,Sweet Caroline RED HAWK JAZZ HANDS NIGHT MOVESand GRACEFUL GRASSES In background:HEART OF THE JUNGLE AquaPots used:AquaPotsLoropetalumFireworks PennisetumColocasia Lily Leaf Antique White Tall Round Planter23.2",AquaPots Lily Leaf Antique White Flat Rim Round Planters17.3" and 21" SMART. Stylish.Sensational.Container Gardening Made EasySince our luxury quality ceramic, self-watering AquaPots debuted last year, they have been earning their keep on porches and patios from Alaska to the Florida Keys. If you love container gardening but donthave the time or energy to haul out the hose every day, AquaPots offera stylish yet practical solution. Simply fill the water reservoir once a week and you will be amazed how your plants thrive while conserving water in the process. Find them at local garden centers nationwidethis spring. Dont miss our 2021 AquaPot of the Year, Lily Leaf,shown in the patio scene above filled with thriving coleus,grasses and sweet potato vines. Click here to learn more about AquaPotsand find a retailer near you or order online.24'