b'PLANT YOUR PORCHFirst impressions begin on your front porch. What does yours say about you?Follow these three helpful tips when choosing plants to dress up your entryway.1. If your front porch is sunny, choose plants that can handle the reflected heat and light. Drought tolerant varieties are useful if your pots are not self-watering or you tend to miss a few days between watering. Many silver foliage plants fit these criteria.2. Choose annuals with small, light-colored blossoms that will drop cleanly and wontstain the porch floor. Foliage plants are ideal for such locations since they dont shed.3. Your porch flowers will always look their best when you use self-watering ceramic AquaPots because of the constant access to nutrient-infused water.Above and opposite:SILVER BULLET Artemisia,Bidens,HOLY SMOKES! GOLDILOCKS ROCKSSUPERBELLSCalibrachoa, Pink Cuphea,Dichondra,Euphorbia,FAIRY DUST SILVER FALLS DIAMOND FROST STRATOSPHEREWhite Gaura,Helichrysum WHITEOUT Verbena White Licorice and SUPERBENAAbove and oppposite: AquaPots Chevron Eggplant Tall Planter18.5" and 23.2" 22'