b'Orchestrating a steady parade of flowers in a perennial garden takes some timeto master, as many are in spectacular bloom for a particular window of time. Thatswhy youll want to consider foliage, too, when planting a botanical tapestry of perennials.By pairing those with a contrasting mix of textures, colors and shapes, visual interestremains high all season. The fleeting flowers will be appreciated all the moreas they come and go through the seasons.Foliage is especially important to consider in smaller gardens where detailslike lacy texture are more noticeable up close and in shade gardens where flowersmay play a secondary role. If most of your perennials have similar foliage, the spacemay feel lackluster when the plants arent in bloom. When shopping for plants, payparticular attention to the foliage of those you select to make sure there isnt toomuch the same. Be sure to include a few with big, bold leaves to ampup the visual dynamics in the space.NEWNEW37'