b'1 2345NEW NEW NEW NEWEDIBLE DECOR Backyard foraging specialist and author Ellen Zachos calls ornamental plants with Harvesting Tips: edible parts the superheroes of the modern garden, feeding both the body and n Only harvest flowers you are 100%soul with their deliciousness and beauty. Plus, theyre fun! positive are edible. The plantings here were designed for a dual purpose: enhancing the outdoor livingn Choose flowers that are grown organically. space while growing flowers that could provide a fresh botanical flourish for recipes.n Gather them early in the morning when their Theres a practical use for these edible beauties, too. The home shown above essential oils are most intense. belongs to a family with young children who tend to put things in their mouths n Remove the stamens and pistil before eating. first and ask later. Using safe plants like Berried Treasure strawberries in n Consume edible flowers in moderation.the containers makes the space completely worry-free.Above1:AMAZEL BASILThe Price Sweet Italian Basil 2:COLOR CODED3:BERRIED TREASURE (Strawberry)is White EchinaceaWhite Fragaria 5:COLOR CODED4:PEPPY LE POM Punica The Price is White Echinacea Click here to find oodles of inspiration for edible flower dcor.(Coneflower),White Fragaria, BERRIED TREASURE (Strawberry) AMAZELBASIL,PlectranthusSweet Italian Basil CERVEZA N LIMEand PEPPYLE POM Punica Opposite in containers: DOUBLE DELIGHT Primrose Begonia, Blush Rose Begonia, Pink Begonia, (Pomegranate)DOUBLE DELIGHTDOUBLE UP PEGASUS Begonia, Asparagus Green IpomoeaAbove outlined, left to right:DOUBLE DELIGHT Blush Rose Begonia, Asparagus Fern, Sweet Caroline MEDUSA COLOR CODED The Price is White Echinacea, (Coneflower) RAINBOWOpposite, as garnish to food:Primrose Begonia, Blush Rose Begonia,DOUBLE DELIGHTDOUBLE DELIGHTFRUIT PUNCH RHYTHMLake of Fire Hemerocallis(Daylily), DOUBLE DELIGHTCranberry Cocktail Dianthus, FragariaRose and RAINBOW RHYTHM BERRIED TREASURE (Strawberry), RINGO ALL-STAR Primrose BegoniaRosaand OSO EASY ITALIAN ICEStorm ShelterHemerocallis (Daylily on salad)33'