b'NEW NEW NEWCOLOR CODED The Price is DOLCEToffee Tart SUMMERIFICFrench Vanilla WhiteEchinaceaHeucheraHibiscus (Coneflower) (Coral Bells) (Rose Mallow) W H ATS N E W: W H ATS N E W: W H ATS N E W:Large, elegant white flowers provide Delectable shades of sticky caramel A color breakthrough! Soft yellowstriking contrast against the extra-dark and ginger with a sugary silver overlay buds unfurl to creamy custard colored,green foliage of this knee-high perennial decorate this delightful coral bells. red-eyed blossoms that cover thisin high summer. Butterflies and Its ideal for containers and the robust shrub-like perennial forgoldfinches are frequent visitors.front of shaded garden beds. months beginning midsummer. Height:20-22" Spread:16-18" Zones:4-8 Height:8-10" Spread:16-18" Zones:4-9 Height:3.5-4\' Spread:3-3.5\' Zones:4-9NEW NEW NEWLUMINARYOpalescence Phlox Heaven ScentPolemoniumCOLOR SPIRESBack to(Tall Garden Phlox) (Jacobs Ladder) the FuchsiaSalvia W H ATS N E W: W H ATS N E W: W H ATS N E W:The first in a fabulous new series Eye-catching ferny foliage awakens Brilliant fuchsia pink flowers strungof highly mildew resistant tall phlox. deep purple, becoming topped with along charcoal stems bring a rushLarge, fluffy clusters of fragrant, light fragrant, blue flowers in spring. Provides of color and welcome pollinatorspink flowers with a deep pink eyebeautiful textural contrast to other back into the garden in late spring.are a favorite of butterflies.sun and shade loving perennials.One of our newest favorites! Height:30-32"Spread:24-28" Zones:3-8 Height:18-24" Spread:15-18" Zones:3-7 Height:22-24"Spread:22-24" Zones:3-839'