b'UNDERSTANDING FOUNTAINGRASS DYNAMICSPurple fountain grasses makestriking thrillers in containers,but its worth understandinghow they grow and change through the seasons. They are far more robust than you might expect, with roots that easily pack large pots and leavelittle room for neighborsas summer wanes.In spring, youll be eager toplant the pots edges withinstant color annuals, but byS P R I N G midsummer as the grass beginsto dominate it will be time toremove those that becomeovershadowed. In fall, fill anygaps with seasonal accentslike gourds and pineconeswhich wont require root space.Since these grasses are not cold hardy in most climates,the entire pots contentscan be composted at theend of the year. S U M M E RAt left: GRACEFUL GRASSESPurple Fountain Grass Pennisetumand GRACEFUL GRASSES VERTIGOPennisetum underplanted withFlame CAMPFIREBidens,SUPERBELLS Double OrangeCalibrachoa, COLORBLAZEChocolate Drop Coleus, VERMILLIONAIRECuphea and LUSCIOUSGOLDENGATE LantanaF A L L35'