b'Above:If you garden in a warm climate where the growing In containers:MEZOO Trailing Red Aptenia,Tropical Sunrise Calibrachoa, Cuphea,WICKEDSUPERBELLSVERMILLIONAIRE COLORBLAZEseason is long, you can expect vinca to mature into a green WITCH Coleus, COLORBLAZE Strawberry Drop Coleus, Sweet Caroline MEDUSA Green Ipomoea,Royale RED ZONE Lantana,LUSCIOUScurtain like you see here. GRACEFUL GRASSES Purple Fountain Grass Pennisetum, Sky Rocket Pennisetum Golden Delicious SalviaGRACEFUL GRASSESand ROCKINCascading living walls and outlined opposite:Maculata Vinca Vinca and Wojos Jem Click here to learn how to create a cozy outdoor living space like this one.31'