b'1COLOR, COLOR, COLOR!Gardening and home dcor blogger Tracy of @plaids.and.poppies has one rule for her garden: all colors are welcome.Every hue she can muster is reflected in the palette of annuals, tropicals and hardy plants that fill her garden.Notice how she packs her window boxes and patio pots with a kaleidoscope of blooms that are equallydelightful when viewed from the pool or from the inside looking out. Masses of vibrant perennials and floweringshrubs fill large expanses in the landscape, providing persistent color from year to year.Tracys joyful energy is expressed beautifully in her garden and warmly felt by the many friends andfamily members who visit. You might assume she has a gardener, but this garden is entirely her creation.If Tracy can accomplish this in her zone 5 Michigan garden, think of what you could do in your own! Click here to see more of Tracys fabulous garden.1Annuals: Red Begonia,BORDEAUX Petunia,Royale 3In windowbox:MEZOO Trailing Red Aptenia,Bidens,SUREFIRE SUPERTUNIA COLORBLAZE GOLDILOCKS ROCKSAPPLE BRANDY Coleus / Perennials: Serendipity Allium,The Price is White SUPERBELLS Double Blue Calibrachoa,Red Calibrachoa,Pink COLOR CODED SUPERBELLS TRUFFULAEchinacea, Fire Echinacea,Cherry Truffles Heuchera,Heliopsis /Gomphrena,Royale RED ZONE Lantana,Red VerbenaLAKOTA DOLCE TUSCAN GOLD LUSCIOUS SUPERBENAandLimelight SUPERBENA ROYALEShrubs:LITTLE LIME HydrangeaHydrangea paniculata andChambray Verbena2In the landscape: Limelight HydrangeaTORCHLIGHT Coleus, 5 In windowboxes:MEZOO Trailing Red Aptenia,Coralina Calibrachoa,with COLORBLAZE SUPERBELLSCOLORBLAZE Strawberry Drop Coleus,Royale APPLE BRANDY Coleus, SUPERBELLS Red Calibrachoa,Lantana,Dark Red Pelargonium,COLORBLAZESamanthaBOLDLYLUSCIOUS GOLDENGATE LantanaRomance Verbena SUPERTUNIA ROYAL VELVET PetuniaChambray Verbena and SUPERBENA ROYALE andSUPERBENA ROYALE2 and 4In containers: MEZOO Trailing Red Aptenia,GOLDENGATE Lantana, 6 SUNCREDIBLE Yellow Helianthus,Paradise Petunia,LUSCIOUS SUPERTUNIA VISTASUPERTUNIA SUPERTUNIAand zinnias SUPERTUNIA BLACK CHERRY Petunia,BORDEAUX Petunia,DOLCE Appletini HeucheraVISTA Fuchsia Petunia,BLUE SUEDE SHOES Salvia,7 TUSCAN GOLD HeliopsisROCKIN SUPERBENA ROYALEChambray VerbenaCordylineand Red Sister8 Opening Act Pink-a-Dot Phlox9Serendipity Allium 28'