b'HYDRANGEAS LOVE AQUAPOTS!Hydrangeas and AquaPots are a match made in gardening heaven. These moisture-loving shrubs with lush blossoms thrivewith a constant supply of water, especially when the summer sun is blazing.Get this look by selecting a large AquaPot at least 18" in diameter, plant your favorite bigleaf hydrangea in the center, thensurround it with blooming annuals to provide instant color. Would this dreamy cool blue palette suit your deck, too?Planting tip: In early fall, its time to unpot your hydrangea and move it to a new spot in the landscape where it can provideyears of future enjoyment. Wintering over in the ground will protect the plants roots better from the cold. Note that if yoursoil is alkaline, these hydrangeas will bloom pink in subsequent years. Click here to learn more about keeping your hydrangeaswell-hydrated using AquaPots or our WaterWise system.In containers this page and opposite:LETS DANCE SILVER FALLS DIAMOND SNOW LETS DANCE BLUE JANGLES Hydrangea macrophylla,RAVE Hydrangea macrophylla,Dichondra,Euphorbia,SUPERTUNIA MINI VISTA Indigo Petunia,Trailing Blue Veined Petunia,GRAPE-O-LICIOUS Torenia,White Linen Torenia,SUPERTUNIA CATALINA CATALINASUMMER WAVE Large Amethyst Torenia WHITEOUT Verbenaand SUPERBENAAt right in landscape to the left of the deck:TUFF STUFF AH-HA Hydrangea serrataArtemisiaHelichrysum with SILVER BULLET and White Licorice At far right: LETS DANCE BLUE JANGLES Hydrangea macrophyllaplanted in the landscapeAquaPots used: AquaPots Lily Leaf Antique White Tall Round Planter23.2", AquaPots Lily Leaf Antique White Flat Rim Round Planter21", AquaPots Coin EmblemAntique White Round Planter19" and AquaPots Smooth White Tall Round Planter23.6" 26'