b'hello sunshine!Have you ever noticed how color can impact your mood?Its nearly impossible to look at this sunny yellow homeand garden and not feel a surge of happiness. In fact,youre smiling right now, arent you!This cozy home is proof that you dont need a lot ofspace or fancy containers to grow a stylish garden.The porch furniture was all thrifted, then painted,to match the rest of the cheerful dcor. Spring to fallblooms in shades of gold, peach and pink from ourBeachside Drive recipe brim over the edges ofwelcoming porch pots. Wouldnt you love toBeachside Drive come home to this every day? SUPERBELLS Tropical Sunrise CalibrachoaSUPERTUNIAHONEY PetuniaWHIRLWINDPink ScaevolaClick here to find the planting plan and Optional thriller: GRACEFULgrowing tips for our Beachside Drive recipe. GRASSES Fireworks Pennisetum21'