b'At top, in windowbox:ANGELFACECascade Pink Angelonia,Green IpomoeaCOLORBLAZEChocolate Drop Coleus Sweet Caroline, MEDUSA and At top and upper far right in containers and outlined:SUPERBELLSTropical Sunrise Calibrachoa,HONEY Petunia, Pink Scaevola Fireworks Pennisetum SUPERTUNIA WHIRLWIND and GRACEFUL GRASSESIn bowl on pillar:LUSCIOUSRoyale RED ZONE LantanaSUPERTUNIAHONEY Petunia and Above, top left:SUPERBELLSTropical Sunrise Calibrachoa Pink Scaevola and WHIRLWINDAbove, bottom center:GRACEFUL GRASSES Fireworks Pennisetum20'