b"SCALABLE DESIGNThe long bed on the previous page is magnificent, but if your garden is smaller, itseasy to take one section and scale it down to fit. Follow the plan below to createa 10' x 6' border or use fewer plants in a tighter space. The basic design principlesremain the same no matter what you are working with. As long as you stick tothe idea of planting the tallest varieties in the back and graduate down to theshortest plants in front, you cant go wrong.Its important to consider the mature size of each plant right from the start so eachwill have enough room to grow to its potential. Height and spacing indicated onthe plant label will help you thoughtfully plan things out. You will be amazed howquickly these plants flourish!Below, the tan discs show how small each plant is at planting time versus thelarger mature size indicated by the circles. Those that overlap signify taller plantslike colocasias that cast an umbrella over lower growing ones. Remember, itsperfectly alright to rearrange things once they get growing. A B AC CD DD D DE E E EF G F G FPlanting plan for 10' wide x 6' deep garden border Newly planted sizePlant list: A:HEART OF THE JUNGLE ColocasiaSpread of mature plantB:Coffee Cups Colocasia C:COLORBLAZE GOLDEN DREAMS Coleus D:SUREFIRE Red and/or Rose Begonia E:HEART TO HEART FASTFLASH Caladium F:COLORBLAZE Strawberry Drop ColeusG: Sweet Caroline RED HAWK IpomoeaUse the height and spacinginformation on the label as aguide when determining theposition of the plant inyour design.18"