b'4 42 31 23 1Eclipse of the Sun 1. ROCKAPULCO Orange Impatiens 2. Sweet Caroline Sweetheart Lime Ipomoea 3. COLORBLAZE Chocolate Drop Coleus 4. COLORBLAZE WICKED HOT ColeusClick here to learn more about how to plantand tend the Eclipse of the Sun recipe.Knowing this may not be the year to take that trip to the tropics, lets bring the beauty of the islands right to your own backyard.You will reap many of the same health and well-being benefits of going on vacation but only have to travel as far as your patio.Better yet, you can enjoy it every single day!Look at the gorgeous tapestry of colors, textures, shapes and sizes these plants create. Though each plant is different, they all sharea preference for warm, humid weather and some shielding from the leaf-scorching afternoon sun. This garden is irrigated regularly sono parching occurs. When you surround yourself with lush plants like these, its easy to leave all the cares in the world behind andbe present in the moment. Our gardens can provide us with a beautiful place to escape and grow memories with family and friends.Design tip: The Eclipse of the Sun National Recipe can be nestled into the garden, as seen behind the table setting,or set right onto the patio.17'