b'StaycationbackyardIn the landscape above and on page 19:PEGASUS Begonia, Red Begonia, Rose Begonia, Dark Orange Canna, Scarlet Canna, Yellow Canna,SUREFIRE SUREFIRE TOUCAN TOUCAN TOUCANCoffee Cups Colocasia,Colocasia,Chinook Caladium,Dawn to Dusk Caladium,FAST FLASH Caladium, HEART OF THE JUNGLE HEART TO HEART HEART TO HEART HEART TO HEARTHIPPO Red Hypoestes,Coral Reef Impatiens,Orange Impatiens,Ipomoea,Ipomoea, ROCKAPULCO ROCKAPULCO Sweet Caroline RED HAWK Sweet Caroline Bewitched AFTER MIDNIGHT SweetCaroline Sweetheart JET BLACK Ipomoea,Chocolate Drop Coleus,Royale PINEAPPLE BRANDY Coleus,Strawberry Drop Coleus, COLORBLAZE COLORBLAZE COLORBLAZE COLORBLAZECOLORBLAZE COLORBLAZE COLORBLAZE Orange A-PEEL and LimelightGOLDEN DREAMS Coleus,REDICULOUS Coleus,VELVETEEN Coleus,WICKED WITCH Coleus,Thunbergia Hydrangea paniculata in the background Insets above at right, left to right:PEGASUS Begonia, Rose BegoniaVELVETEEN Coleus/Dark Orange Canna, SUREFIRE and COLORBLAZE TOUCAN HEART OF THEJUNGLE Colocasia,Orange ImpatiensVELVETEEN Coleus/Sweet Caroline Sweetheart JET BLACK Ipomoea ROCKAPULCO and COLORBLAZE and COLORBLAZEChocolate Drop Coleus/HEART TO HEART Chinook CaladiumRoyale PINEAPPLE BRANDY Coleus/HEART TO HEART FAST FLASHand COLORBLAZEHEART OF THE JUNGLE and COLORBLAZECaladium,ColocasiaGOLDEN DREAMS Coleus16'