b'SIMPLY STYLISH foliagePrefer a look that blends clean lines with a simple, natural color palette? Looking for no-nonsense,low maintenance plants? Our line of Proven Accents fresh foliage is the perfect fit for you.Rather than focusing on multicolored blossoms, this plant-packed patio features invigorating greens,soothing silvers and deeply grounded purples. Pure white and natural wood accents create a healthy, upliftingambiance while moveable living walls make this outdoor living space easy to rearrange on a whim. Above, in container on table:MEZOO Trailing Red Aptenia Opposite, in planter box in lower right:PLUM DANDY Alternanthera Dracaena Ipomoea Salvia, Spikes, Margarita and Tricolor Sage Opposite, in living wall planters:Yellow Ripple HederaHelichrysum Ipomoea SalviaVinca(Ivy), Licorice Splash, Margarita, Tricolor SageandMaculataOpposite at bottom left:PLUM DANDY AlternantheraTrailing Red Aptenia, Dracaena Ipomoea , MEZOOSpikes and Blackie Opposite at bottom right:PLUM DANDY Alternanthera HederaIpomoea, Purple Fountain Grass PennisetumVinca , Patricia(Ivy), Tricolor GRACEFUL GRASSES andMaculata Below, left to right:Bye LoveWhite Licorice Helichrysum Ipomoea Salvia , Blackie and Tricolor Sage Green SpaceMEZOO Trailing Red Aptenia,Dracaena Vinca Spikes andMaculata Gale WindsYellow Ripple HederaIpomoeaPurple Fountain Grass Pennisetum(Ivy), Margaritaand GRACEFUL GRASSESClick here to find our extensive Proven Accents collectionof foliage plants and a foliage-focused recipe guide.14'