b'WELCOME, POLLINATORS!When its time to plan out your garden for the new season, consider factors like the color, shape and bloom time of theflowers you choose to maximize the benefits your garden can provide for pollinators. In the garden above, the pairing ofTruffula Pink gomphrena, Vermillionaire cuphea and Blue My Mind dwarf morning glories planted in front of theboxwood hedge repeatedly drew in numerous kinds of bees, butterflies and hummingbirds.The container recipes pictured below were designed and grown by Norman Winter with a goal ofdiscovering heat tolerant plants for his zone 8 climate that could draw in pollinators.As you can see from Normans photos at right, they were a huge hit! Always ExcitingHold OnIts True 3 3 3 3 2 21TRUFFULAPink Gomphrena 1BLUE MY MIND Evolvulus1LUSCIOUSPINKBERRY BLEND Lantana 1 2 2LUSCIOUS BERRY BLEND Lantana 1 2 2LUSCIOUS Marmalade Lantana 1 3 2ROCKINDeep Purple Salvia 2 1 3ROCKINFuchsia Salvia 2 1 3ROCKINBLUE SUEDE SHOES Salvia 3 1 3LEMON CORAL Sedum12'