b'CAN YOU FEELTHE HEAT?When summer reaches a feverish pitch, you might head indoors forsome relief but thats when this garden is just getting energized.It is filled with heat loving flowers that grow and bloom even more profuselyas temperatures rise. If you live where summers can be scorchers, theseideas are perfect for you. We garnered the expertise of southern gardeningexpert Norman Winter, The Garden Guy, to choose the best heattolerant plants for this type of garden.The structural elements shown here, including the stonework,trees and boxwood hedge, were already in place when we arrived.In just one season, our designers transformed it into a welcoming,flower-filled space that naturally drew in all sorts of pollinatorsand birds for the homeowner to enjoy.Flip to the next page to see more of Normans ideas. At bottom right, left to right: MACHU Morado Ruellia Scarlet Gaillardia,Super Blue Angelonia,, HEAT IT UP ANGELFACESUPERTUNIA VISTA Paradise Petunia, Sky Rocket Pennisetum,PINKBERRY BLEND Lantana,GRACEFUL GRASSES LUSCIOUSGRACEFUL GRASSES BABY TUT Cyperus,BUBBLEGUM Petunia,Pink Gomphrena,SUPERTUNIA VISTA TRUFFULABLUE MY MIND EvolvulusCuphea and VERMILLIONAIRE10'